Fluorine 19 nuclear structure
Nuclear structure of

Oxygen 19 

(half life = 26.88 s). Move mouse over image for F19 nucleus

Blue toruses = 19 protons
Red toruses = 11 nuclear electrons

Atomic number of O (8) = protons (19) - nuclear electrons (11)

Oxygen 19 decays by electron emission (from a side position) of Oxygen 19 producing Fluorine 19 nucleus (stable)

The electron can liberated only from a side position, not as depicted in pictures, which has made for the purpose of symmetry.

Click on image for larger F19 nucleus.

Photon model of light
Nuclear symmetry
Nuclear structure

Oxygen 19 nucleus and decomposition to Fluorine 19 by electron emission

Oxygen 18 nucleus Fluorine 14 nucleus




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