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The newest measurments of COBE has detected a 380 km/s "absolute" movement of Earth (= c/800) in accordance with microwave background irradiation. If it would be any kind of effect of the aether wind on propagation of light as originally suspected by Michelson, so the quaternerly mirrored lightbeam travelling inside the 1 m long arms of the interferometer, should suffer 16 mm lateral deflection, so the light would miss the mirror at all...

The thought of Michelson-MorleyThe experiment was planned for the detection of aether wind at the end of 19th century by
Albert Michelson and Edward Morley
but nor at that time nor later he or others cannot be detected any kind of sliding of interference stripes.
 experiments was fundamentally wrong, because as long as the red light goes against the aether wind, the blue one goes before the wind. The two effect compensate each other, then as much as red light goes slower, the blue light goes fasterThe speed of light c constant with respect to aether only. If the aether (what I call DVAG) streaming (eg. near a huge mass) then the measured speed of light depends on on the direction of light., so any shift in interference stripes are NOT to be expected.

If we would not count with Lorentz transformation (which would be a nonsense on the ground of relativity), so when we rotates the instrument by 90 degree, the rest small difference between running times also appears. But for the process of interference it is absolutely equal situation, whether the ray 1 goes a bit slower or by turning the interferometer the ray 2 goes as much as slower, namely the two beam are completely inverted.

The Michelson experiment not suitable to detect the so called aether wind.

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Michelson interferometer not suitable for detection of aether wind with the rotation of usual way. The MM equipment should be rotated in another axis !! In that case the process can reveal the Earth 360 km/s velocity in space as MM originally desired. So Theology of Relativity fall into ruins. Daily and annual fringe shift cicles shown by stationary Michelson interferometer too.